Friday, August 28, 2009

So maybe at this point I should go seek help of a different kind. I don't know that therapy can offer me anything else except somebody to talk to, which I have plenty of already. So maybe I should try out anti-depressants. Make an appointment with my doctor. Thing. Blarg.

I'm functioning semi-well. I'm eating and sleeping somewhat normally, and I STILL FEEL LIKE CRAP. Like, I want to shoot myself in the foot so I can avoid life while in the hospital kind of feeling like crap. And the new semester's just starting and it's going to be long and stressful and if I feel this way at the beginning, I don't want to know where I'll be by the end if I don't get help now.

I am SO sick of doctors.

*lays head on desk*

Sometimes life just sucks.


Heidi said...

For starters, if you really decide you need medicine, you won't have to talk to a doctor much to get it. Ten minutes with you, and any doctor will write you the prescription you want, then all done.

BUT. If you DON'T want to go that route, then really REALLY read "The How of Happiness" and "Feeling Good." I believe in these books just in general principle, but I especially believe in them (particularly "Feeling Good" for YOU because it seems really obvious to me why you're depressed, and I think "Feeling Good" would do wonders for you if you could implement it.

HappyOrganist said...

that's true. antidepressants are very easy to get a hold of. I ask my OB for them when I think I want to try 'em again.

Therapy is nice. Cognitive Behavior Therapy. I find it quite helpful. And if you find a decent therapist, it often Is better than talking to friends (friends are good, but therapists are trained to help you out in ways that friends aren't).
I think seeing my therapist has helped (is helping me).

Do you have insurance that will cover talk therapy? D is a student, no? Doesn't he have some coverage that way?
Anyway. Give it a shot. (it - not your foot)

Heidi said...

And what Happy Organist means when she says Cognitive Behavior Therapy is nice, what she means is that study after study has found that it produces more immediate AND longer-lasting results than medication. That's what "Feeling Good" is about.


Heidi said...

And apparently I can't write a coherent sentence. I hope my meaning is still clear, though.

HappyOrganist said...

whoa - thanks for clarifying that

Cat said...

Book acquired. We'll see how it works.

Cat said...

And no, my insurance doesn't cover therapy to my knowledge. It WILL cover anti-depressants, though.