Saturday, August 15, 2009

I've been pretty damn cranky lately. Sure, there are a lot of things bugging me, but I think my coping level is just run down. I haven't been eating well. I haven't been sleeping enough (thanks to David's stupid work schedule and my lack of self-discipline. Luckily his schedule changes back to the one that works best for us after tomorrow). I haven't been exercising.

I've given up talking to everyone I'm not actually related to or don't absolutely have to talk to for a week. That's my goal. Thursday I'll come back online. I need to get away from the drama before I take somebody's head off. I have a TON of stuff I'm behind on because I've been talking to people who can't manage to behave like sane people with morals. I just can't take it anymore. Must stop plugging head into youtube instead... must get stuff done! AAAAH!

So. This week is Operation: Recover Cat's Brain! Eat well! Sleep during normal hours! Exercise!

Hopefully all the crap will finish hitting the fan by next Thursday anyway with all the friend drama. There's like, three fronts of it. Two people I should really stop talking to period, if I can manage it. Maybe. I dunno. Because I dislike them on a deep, character level. I know them well, and I do not like them. But most importantly, they're not healthy for me to talk to.

Projects: clean house, build Julie's website with PHP, finish editing everybody's creative writing (i really don't want to! i hate doing it! kirk, your writing stinks, and there's tons of it!)... do some pre-school type thing for my kid.

Must find something to do with myself and my spouse so we're both not staggering around every day barely managing to keep our tempers because we hate life so much.

I'm such a spoiled brat. I hate me sometimes. That's okay. I hate everything. At least I'm consistent.

Have I mentioned I hate sleep and food? I'm trading in this mortal model for a cyborg that plugs into the wall for 8 hours a night. Watch me.

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Shay said...

You don't have to edit my story if you don't want to. You asked me to send it, so I did. It is poorly written, but that is mainly because I just want to get the story down and then work on mangaifying it.

Take care. *hugs*