Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Family Counseling Session Scheduled

There. Parenting therapy session made for the whole family for next Monday. Parenting is causing me all sorts of grief right now, so I will kick its behind. ...Or maybe lovingly but firmly place it in time out until it behaves. Yeeeeah, there's a reason we're going to therapy. My brain is violent!

This past week has been CRAP. Spent the whole week watching television like a vegetable so my brain doesn't have to think and/or deal with this reality. Which is not healthy, and I know better. I did do house cleaning and whatnot, but my kids got ignored. And Sunday they got taken out of class in church for poor behavior, and they were the last straw on my babysitter's bad back so I came home from date night to find her in tears. And it's just gotta stop. I feel I can't communicate with them. I feel I cannot have a life beyond babysitting which makes me really, really frustrated and angry and resentful. And it's not changing any, so I'm getting outside help. *points to counseling session* So THERE.

My counseling session is one day before my eye doctor appointment. Who knows if I'll be a basket case by then. Probably. Arg.

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