Sunday, March 1, 2009

I'm Still Kicking

Hey folks. Sorry I haven't updated. I've been distracted!

Monday's therapy session (our first family group session) was mostly answering questions about what we want to get out of therapy this time around. We go back again tomorrow and maybe we'll make more progress. I was supposed to write down times things went well this week as my therapy homework, but I didn't. Things were pretty laid back this week, so we didn't have too many tempers flare. We're just letting a lot of things slide because everybody's stressed and we don't want to aggravate it.

My doctor appointment was much more of the same. Doctors coming in, poking me in the eyes, and not giving me a lot of information. We did get an ultrasound done of my eye, and they want us to come back this coming week to do Grand Rounds, which is where a lot of doctors look at interesting patient cases and decide what to do about it.

I'm noticing a pattern in stress levels. I get stressed in the two or three days leading up to an appointment and the two or three days after an appointment as I digest whatever information they've given me. I spend those days watching television, playing on the computer, or reading a lot to try to give my nerves a break by distracting them with other things to think about. I've been pretty useless this week post-doctor appointment. Today I am finally cleaning the house and getting things in order in preparation for next week when I'll be too stressed to handle things again. But at least we're still getting by and nobody's blown a gasket or anything.

So today I'm cleaning the house. It's almost done. Tonight I hope to make food that we can munch on all week, and update the checkbook. Maybe clean off my kitchen table, which is piled in papers needing to be filed. That's all. And then it's off to playing more World of Warcraft.

Hope everyone else is doing well. Take care. *wanders off*

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