Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Eye Cancer

Well, today I got my official diagnosis of eye cancer. I suspected since Monday when I went in for an eye exam and told the doctor that I had a brown spot in my eye that recently started growing bigger and darker. He sent me to a specialist today, who confirmed my suspicions but gave me a better prognosis than I expected: it's an iris melanoma that is treatable by surgery (instead of radiation and multiple surgeries) and is unlikely to spread to the rest of my body. If I take care of it, then it won't kill me, or blind me, or cause me to lose an eye. My eyesight in that eye is pretty shot, but it has been like that for years. My other eye has perfect vision.

So I guess now the goal is to manage stress and try to continue functioning normally. I still have laundry and dishes to do and children to take care of and a husband to soothe. We're still not recovered from January's overbooked work schedule. Anyway, so I think I'm going to go tidy the house now as much as I can before bed.

Hope everyone is well. My next appointment is on the 24th. Will keep you posted. Fret not; all will be well.

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Trish said...

I'm sorry to hear this bad news.
But you're right, all WILL be well.
One twisted benefit to being the adult child of an alcoholic is that we've been trained to "get through" hard times.