Sunday, February 1, 2009

Every Day is a Fresh Start

Our January's been a long one. We did pretty well until the last week of the month, when our reservoirs of energy, patience, and willpower seemed to finally dry up. But now January is gone for another year, and we can try to put our lives back in order now that we don't have 20 extra hours at work piled on.

I'm behind on housework. My children are neglected. My husband is depressed. I can rant and rave about how it's not fair, not my fault, too much to do, but the only thing that will help the situation is to actually put effort into it instead of just talking about it.

My biggest problem, I think, is that I am failing to teach, love, and care for my children to the best of my ability. So I will try to focus more on that. I think putting effort into my children's upbringing will be the best investment of time and energy I can make.

Today is church (we're going late, but we're going) and then a family party before my husband goes to work. Tomorrow is my husband's first day off of work in a month, and I (of course) filled it with dental and vision appointments. Then the rest of the week we get to see how my husband's new work schedule will work out (he is switching from a 3-11 pm shift to a 4 pm - 2 am shift).

My husband gave me a list of things that are bothering him. I'll see what I can do about them.

My days go better if:
- I exercise in the morning to get endorphins pumping
- I eat a healthy breakfast and lunch to give me enough energy to do stuff
- I DO stuff instead of sitting around. Doing stuff gives me a sense of accomplishment.
- I enjoy time spent with my husband and children instead of waiting for them to go away and leave me alone.

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