Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Be the Best at Basics

I went to yesterday's therapy appointment expecting more homework. I like homework and classroom settings. I'd been in classrooms for 16 years by the time I graduated college. I turned in last week's assignment and was ready to write down more, and then my therapist told me a story. He said:

Once upon a time a boy went to a week-long camp to learn wrestling moves taught by Olympic wrestling winners. The boy had several years of wrestling experience and was very excited to be taught by the best of the best. But on the first day they taught him the one leg takedown, which is the most basic of wrestling moves. On the second day they taught him the two leg takedown, also a basic move. Lessons on basic moves continued through the rest of the week, and the boy was disappointed. Finally it dawned on him that Olympic wrestlers don't use special, secret moves to win their battles; they use the same basic moves as other wrestlers. They're just really really good at using those basic moves.

My therapist went on to explain that I already know all the basic moves now. There's nothing new he can teach me. I just need to get really good at using basic techniques to keep myself functioning until it becomes second nature instead of a struggle, and I can only do that with practice.

I was going to write more, but my kids just woke up and need attention. So toodles, and I hope everyone has a good day. :)

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Trish said...

Hey Cat, I haven't forgotten about you and your blog.
I'm anxious to particiapte but it'll be after Christmas.
Your last couple of posts have covered some of the things that I eventually found to be most helpful to me anyway.
Just keep on keepin' on.
Talk to you soon!