Monday, July 27, 2009

round two

You ever get the feeling God's laughing at you?

Today was my doctor appointment to see why my arm, shoulder, and go numb on occasion. It went as I expected. I'm healthy, except parts of me go numb, which is not healthy. A numb arm could be a pinched ulnar nerve, except numbness extends into my face, which rules that out (which is what brought me to the doctor in the first place). So I have an MRI scheduled for Thursday morning, which is a brain imaging process that will see if I have multiple sclerosis or a brain tumor.

If those are ruled out, then it could be a pinched nerve in my neck. So at the moment I'm hoping for the pinched nerve in my neck, because the alternatives sound not fun.

Wednesday morning I'm getting my probably skin cancer mole removed. It'll be interesting to see if that one's actually skin cancer or not. It's big and ugly and black.

I'm thinking I'm going to be a wreck this week. I need to find a babysitter for my kids for some of the time for two reasons. One, because my kids deserve better than to be locked in a house with a panicked mother. Two, because I need to have a big project done by Thursday evening (I'm building a website for a guy running for city council, and Thursday is our next meeting).

So um, anyone want to babysit?

P.S. - I'm posting on this blog instead of my LiveJournal because my dad reads my LJ and I don't want him freaking out unnecessarily if this turns out to be nothing. My mom knows. That's enough for now.


HappyOrganist said...

you know, if mom knows, dad will know. You know that, right?

Cat said...

No, I think Mom was pretty clear about keeping it from Dad unless the MRI results came back positive for something.

Besides, Mom is too busy worrying about Jeremiah at the moment.