Saturday, June 14, 2014

"He got violent during sex today. He hit me as I cried for him to stop. I got sodomized. Because I couldn't stop crying, he became angry and choked me. He then restrained me for 3 hours before I was able to run out the door."

She's hiding at the shelter for abused women.  All her belongings are in her car.  She asks me to help her transfer to a new city and to remind her of the thousand reasons not to go back to him.  Because she knows she'll want to.  She's been so broken for so long, he felt like home to her.   

I hope she takes precautions against him coming after her. 

I just.  



Heidi said...

Does UT have mandatory restraining orders after domestic abuse is reported? If so, that'd be a good way to make sure she doesn't weaken and go back to him.

Cat said...

She says that in order to issue a restraining order they have to hand the papers to the offender in person. And no one's been able to pin him down to a location long enough. I'm not sure how valid that is (it seems kindof sketchy to me), but she's relocated now.