Monday, June 14, 2010

This would be me stifling screams of frustration. As usual, really. The frustration never ends.

Sickness. Medical doctors who smile and make polite awkward conversation as they do unpleasant things to you. Two last week. Looking like two this week. And my money trickles out, and none's coming in to replace it. Eye socket's infected somehow is today's new crisis.

Again it feels like there's no help or hope for anything. I know it's irrational. My parents helped pay off the rest of the medical bills from cancer last year.

I need to start taking my meds again. I need to do a lot of things. I dunno how or where to keep myself motivated without annoying the crap out of people, so I'm updating over here instead.


HappyOrganist said...

unpleasant? was this all about the eye socket or did you go in for your annual or something? (i'm skipping those - but I think I might call this month and schedule..... ;( )

We still have toys for your son (sorry we have been unable to get up there these last few months). I can't believe how busy we've been in terms of traveling, preparing to travel, and so on. ;/

Sorry you're not feeling well. That sucks (believe me I know). I hope it clears up soon. I'm feeling better today (at last). Been 3 months running with some eczema problems (mostly pride related as far as I can tell). long story - won't bore you.
But I hope it gets better (and it looks like it is).
Hope your mess clears up too.

HailerStar said...

I don't like that doctors seem to treat you like the infection is your fault, either. (some people are more prone to infection than others and even following all their rules won't keep it at bay).
I hope it gets better soon and that you're able to find a good handle on things and a balance you feel comfortable with. I'd say 'this too shall pass' but I don't want you to hit me. :)
You'll work through it and figure how to get things done. It's not the endgame. It will be okay, even if it's hard for now.
(This is all meant to be encouraging, if you think it sounds otherwise I apologize).
Love n Prayers to You and Yours.