Tuesday, July 14, 2015

this year sucks so far.

I'm feeling kinda down on myself.  I feel like I haven't accomplished enough or done enough aren't good enough.  I'm applying for jobs, and that always  makes me feel lousy. 

But if you look back on this year so far...

I took a large chunk of the investigation and negotiations that resulted in my brother in law, who I was fairly close to, put in jail and all the aftermath that comes with it. 

Then my kids' school counselor, who I'd just barely been working with, got arrested for raping a teenage client of his.  We'd been neighbors in two previous houses and his wife and kids played with me and mine. 

Then a week after Matt's sentencing my dad died.  I ended up spending three weeks doing nothing but helping my mom sort through finances and emotions and just being general support. 

Maybe I should stop being so hard on myself and be glad and happily surprised I'm not a freaking nutjob at the moment.  Because holy crap, this year sucks so far!

I'm a bit paranoid waiting for the next disaster. 

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